About Fulya

Years ago, while working as a manager in the finance sector, I was also struggling with allergic asthma. However, my love for fragrances never diminished, although I couldn’t use them. I always believed in the power of natural scents.

During a summer vacation, I visited the village of Grasse in France and was very impressed. Actually, the story of the village impressed me even more. The locals, who worked exclusively with leather, used the scents of lavender, roses, jasmine, and white flowers to mask the bad odor, and they believed in the magic of these scents.

I had joined a perfume workshop in Grasse. In a conversation with a fragrance expert about perfumes, I mentioned my asthma. At the end of our conversation, he invited me to the essence factory where he worked, and I got to know real perfumes, scents, and ingredients there. Combining what I experienced during this trip with the trainings I received, I started to create solutions for corporate brands. In my research, I saw that corporate scent, when determined before a brand’s logo, is more effective in reflecting on customers or the audience.

Fiolas’ journey began right here. I am designing custom fragrances for brands and living spaces using allergen-protected essences. My excitement for the magical world of scents that I have been experiencing since day one is growing day by day.