Signature Fragrance


Creating A Signature Scent

Signature Fragrance Design

Our fragrance experts visit you for your brand or the areas you want to have scented. They offer our essences in 5 ml bottles where you can experience our scents. They receive information about the ambiance you want to create in the environment, your theme ideas and scents you do not want.

Our fragrance experts work in line with the information they receive from you, and presents them by preparing a few options from the fragrance types that suit your request. In line with the feedback received from you, the work of your signature fragrance begins.

After the completion of your signature fragrance design, our fragrance experts offer our 360° service solutions as cologne, wet wipes, liquid soap, hand lotion, air freshener and sticky air freshener to support your signature scent.

The fragrance and other 360° fragrance solutions we have created for your institution are delivered to you. But our service does not end here, our fragrance experts will always be at your institution for your questions and requests.

Fragrances consist of notes

It is the first part that we perceive when we hear the smell, we define the smell here. It has little staying power and is therefore lightweight.


It is the main smell felt right after the bottom notes, it is the part that is described as the heart of the scent that is perceived.


After the aromas in the notes fade, the bottom notes become clear and reach a permanent point with the middle notes.

Fragrance Types

Citrus Fresh Fragrances

They are aromas with fresh scents such as orange, lemon, grapefruit.


Floral Fragrances

They are scents that create a delicate and elegant ambiance with the aromas of garden flowers.

Woody Fragrances

Sandalwood, which takes nature to the deep, is indispensable aromas consisting of earthy scents.



Oriental Fragrances

They are mystical aromas formed by the combination of cinnamon, cardamom, patchouli and spicy scents. Softened by floral fragrance notes