Ambient Scent Design

We support your signature scent created with Fiolas with our 360-degree fragrance solutions to make it more memorable and lasting. We aim to strengthen your bond with your customers with high quality candles, wet wipes, cologne and diffuser solutions that we customize with your brand logo. Embrace the new way of thinking through sensory experiences by being open and brave in exploring new ways of expressing yourself


360 Degree fragrance products


Thanks to our scent machine; which adapts to every space with its stylish design, the signature scents you create show their effect up to an area of 200 square meters. You can easily control the Fiolas scent machine, which emits high-quality, non-irritating scents, with its practical screen interface.



Our candles are made with a high-quality, vegan wax making them the perfect choice for vegans, aesthetes and those who enjoy the benefits of soy-free alternatives. Our pure soy wax is 100% natural, non-GMO and biodegradable. We also use lead free wicks, high quality fragrances and coloured glass containers to ensure our products are as beautiful inside as they are on the outside



Spice up the air with a fresh fragrance that complements your brand’s style. Our diffusers are crafted with you in mind — elegantly designed, stylishly packaged and perfectly suited to more places at home or office.



Your customers will remember your brand anywhere with these unique wet wipes. You can customize the scent and size, to meet any customer’s needs. The stylish packaging is a great addition to any promotion or marketing campaign and guarantees that your product will be in their hands and on their minds every time they go shopping.



Your signature scent is produced in 50 ml, 100 ml and 250 ml bottles with your logo according to your request to meet your target market. Our colognes are 80 degrees and do not harm the skin with its vitamin E formula. They are all made with organic ingredients, as well as pure essential oils, and have a mild formula that leaves you feeling fresh without dryness or oily residue.

beirut soap and lotion


The Fiolas Liquid Soap and Body Lotion all add an extra touch of class, luxury and pampering to your bathrooms. Their herbal ingredients provide a healthy hands-on approach to bathing. The body lotion uses natural ingredients to give soft, smooth and hydrated skin. The body lotion uses natural ingredients to give soft, smooth and hydrated skin. All items are paraben free, and the collection has been manufactured using 100% recycled materials