Time for the Fiolas!

fiolas zamani gorseliThe season of autumn! In addition to the shifting human psyche, there is another point where we are unable to interfere as the weather begins to get colder and temperature balances are thrown off in the autumn months. Our skin, which is unprepared for change and opposes it. Our skin will need more oil and hydration than ever during the autumn to winter transitional period. As you’re doing this, using natural sunflower oil will raise your skin’s PH level and give you the silky, radiant skin of summer. Our Fiolas kindling candles’ allergen-free composition and 100% sunflower oil content allow them to be melted down and used as a cream, making them your go-to wintertime hand and body care product. Sunflower butter’s all-natural, nutritious, and therapeutic qualities were mixed with our candles’ peaceful fragrance and the meditative sound of kindling wood. The calming and therapeutic effects of aromatherapy will cause your skin to dry down, but in the winter, your skin will be drenched in moisture, leaving it smooth. The essential item of the fall and winter will be the allergen-free Fiolas Cream Candle.