noropazarlama ve koku gorseli

Scent-Marketing and Neuromarketing

Throughout history, practically all ancient societies have utilised ambient smells. Every 15 minutes, it is known that old Japanese clocks lit a different kind of incense. On the other hand, Pharaohs dressed themselves with a variety of expensive scents to forewarn people of being consigned to forever. Pets were honored with perfumed oils in ancient […]

hayatimizdaki gorunmez tehlike gorseli


Wet wipes really do save lives, and we wouldn’t be wrong to state that. In our luggage, automobils, numerous areas of our houses, and restaurants, wet wipes are the first cleaning product we use. According to recent research, our assistants—who are always there for us—are not as trustworthy as they first appear to be. For […]

fiolas zamani gorseli

Time for the Fiolas!

The season of autumn! In addition to the shifting human psyche, there is another point where we are unable to interfere as the weather begins to get colder and temperature balances are thrown off in the autumn months. Our skin, which is unprepared for change and opposes it. Our skin will need more oil and […]